Dr. Baidoo

His love of movies led to countless hours of discussing movies and this project.

Nathan T.

My nephew who has helped tremendously with supplying data to this site.

Arnel P.

My big brother's love of movies helped initially fund the beginnings of this site.

Melissa N.

For doing such an amazing job in creating the art work for the virtual gifts. Check out more of her artwork here: The Mewster

My wife Tess

Her support for this has been nothing short of wonderful.

& Trey

He gives me fuel to continue onward with this project. He's also helped point out errors and he's only now a 4th grader 5th grader 6th grader in middle school. (sigh)


Moo Andersons

For giving me the drive and goal to eventually open up a business and franchise with this name.

My Shadow

For standing behind me whenever there is light