Raoul Max Trujillo

    May 8, 1955
New Mexico, USA
Screen Presence

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Raoul Trujillo is an American actor, dancer, and choreographer. A former soloist with the Nikolais Dance Theatre, he is the original choreographer and co-director for the American Indian Dance Theatre. He is the host for a series of dancing programs. Trujillo's career spans more than 30 years in film and theatre. He is perhaps best known for playing Zero Wolf, the Mayan villain in Apocalypto (2006), directed by Mel Gibson, and for playing the Iroquois chief Kiotseaton in the film Black Robe.

Blue Beetle Carapax 2023
The Last Manhunt Hyde 2022
America: The Motion Picture Geronimo (voice) 2021
Cold Pursuit Giles 'Thorpe' Wills 2019
22 Chaser Wayne 2018
Sicario: Day of the Soldado Rafael 2018
Octavio Is Dead Octavio 2018
Hochelaga, Land of Souls Le Prophète 2017
Pretty Is Leander 2017
Blood Father The Cleaner 2016
Sicario Rafael 2015
Persecuted Mr. Gray 2014
Riddick Lockspur 2013
Blaze You Out Brujo 2013
Cowboys & Aliens Black Knife 2011
Triassic Attack Dakota 2010
Love Ranch Hernan Prado 2010
Edgar Floats Jesus (as Raoul Trujillo) 2010
Apocalypto Zero Wolf 2006
The New World Tomocomo 2005
Blood Trail Bloody Hands Spirit 2005
Frankenfish Ricardo 2004
The Blue Butterfly Alejo 2004
Betrayed Bill Lebret 2003
The Adventures of Young Brave Horton 1999
Sisters and Other Strangers Jimmy Coyote 1997
Black Fox: The Price of Peace Running Dog 1995
Black Fox Running Dog 1995
Highlander: The Final Dimension Warrior #1 1994
Paris, France Minter 1994
Trial at Fortitude Bay Simon Amituq 1994
Shadow of the Wolf Big Tooth 1992
The Swordsman Jojo 1992
The Broken Cord Emil Bear Heart 1992
The Adjuster Matthew, his lover 1991
Montreal Stories Homme passion 1991
Black Robe Kiotseaton 1991
Clearcut Eugene 1991
Scanners II: The New Order Peter Drak 1991
Divided Loyalties Cornplanter 1990
Mourning Rock Chief Mike Cortez
13 Steps Tero
The Unit <blank> <mt>
Counterstrike Rojo <mt>
Tin Man Raw <mt>
In Plain Sight Felix Calderon <mt>
The Hitchhiker James <mt>
Adventure Inc. Agent Harami <mt>
Moby Dick Queequeg <mt>
Saints & Strangers Massasoit <mt>
True Blood Longshadow <mt>
MacGyver Joaquin 'El Noche' Sancola <mt>
Renegade Ricardo Pena <mt>
The Blacklist Mato <mt>
The Blacklist Hitman <mt>
Neverland Holy Man <mt>
Mayans M.C. Che 'Taza' Romero <mt>
Lost Girl The Garuda <mt>
JAG Drug Boss <mt>
Heartland Renard <mt>
The Sentinel Spirit Guide <mt>
Veritas: The Quest Ramiro <mt>
Hawaii Five-0 Alejandro Vega <mt>
Major Crimes Javier Mendoza <mt>
Manhattan Javier <mt>
House of Frankenstein Woody <mt>
The Invaders Carlos Suarez <mt>
Longmire Grady Littlefoot <mt>
The Firm (as Raoul Trujillo) <mt>
MythQuest Tezcatlipoca (as Raoul Trujillo) <mt>
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