Reviewed by: Greg Mueller

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While Hallucinations looks so much worse than Splatter Farm, It's about an hour of concentrated good bad movie. The acting is still terrible with both Polonia brothers and Jeremy (I think his name is Todd this time) having almost no actual human emotion. The story is bananas and makes zero sense. The entire run time has you shouting "Who is that? What is that thing? Why are they doing that? What happened? He took of his glasses before his nap, so why is he waking up with them on now? Why is he walking like that? Is that supposed to be symbolic? What even is this movie?" I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that there was no script or outline other than a couple of props and gore shots they wanted to jam in. It's so bad, but there are so many unintentionally comedic moments. The video quality is awful. It's so bad that I had flashback to watching VHS tapes and having to adjust the traction. There is a lot of static in scenes and there is even a couple of times where the screen rolls. The sound levels are uneven and if there weren't subtitles on the Amazon Prime version, I'd have missed at least a quarter of the dialog. The effects are awful (except for one scene with a vaguely convincing fake chest) and the dialog is worse. The absolute peak of terrible though, is the camera work. It's clearly all handheld and whoever is holding the camera either has shaky hands or the camera is just too heavy for them. All of the movements are stuttered, especially the panning, and there is one scene where a character has to walk sideways alongside a table because there isn't enough room to get between the table and the camera man. As with Splatter Farm, I have to issue the caveat that Hallucinations was made by teenagers in the 80's so if you view it in context, it's not as bad. Don't get me wrong, it is an awful film, but it was made by teenagers with consumer grade tech in 1986, so they deserve some credit. Hallucinations is another great movie for a "bad movie' night: it's nonsensical, it looks awful, the dialog is super stilted and corny, the effects are laughably bad, and the acting is what you'd expect from a middle school pageant. I love it, but it's terrible.