The Disappointments Room

Reviewed by: Greg Mueller


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The Disappointments Room starts out with an interesting premise and I was pleased with the two adult leads (the kid was pretty bad), but it quickly runs off the tracks. There are so many times where they introduce new narrative threads and red herrings that seem to be things they forgot to address and not made to purposefully trick the audience. For sixty minutes, we slowly learn new things about the house and its past. We continually meet new people who seems to have ulterior motives and catch clues, all of which end up being wastes of time. People complained about Lost not answering questions and instead raising new ones, which it will also not answer; The Disappointments Room does the same. For an hour I was getting more and more excited for resolution. The last half hour feels like a highlight reel. Everything goes so fast with no explanation. Nothing is resolved. Nothing is addressed. I really want to stress how disappointing it is for all of the leads to be totally ignored. There are so many times you are lead to believe that you are learning something, but you aren't. You never really learn anything and none of it mattered anyway. Imagine watching a mystery movie about a detective trying to solve a murder. The detective finds a pool of blood, but they never bother to do any DNA testing or whatever on it. The victim's ex-husband is seen in town buying the same kind of gun found at the crime scene, but that's the only time he's ever seen or mentioned. The next-door neighbor tells the detective that she might have a lead, but the detective just tells her "That's nice honey." The movie is terribly written. It feels like they wrote the beginning and the end and plopped out some key details in between and then just started filming. Nothing matters in this film; nothing ever matters. The Disappointments Room is just a series of scenes that aren't relevant to the next scene and characters who only exist to take time. I know the joke has been made so many times already, but it's too true to not repeat. If you watch this film (which I don't recommend that any do) after its 90 minutes are over, you will be in the disappointments room. If you gave this script to a real writer, they could make this a great movie, but instead they made this. I feel cheated.

By : Greg Mueller | Date : 2 months ago

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