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In general, I like Amy Schumer's movies. As a person, I do not like her and she's not a great actress, but the type of movies she makes, I like. The problem here is that I don't think the movie understands its message. I Feel Pretty is essentially Shallow Hal, but if Gwyneth Paltrow started to see herself as beautiful instead of Jack Black. The issue is that we never see what Schumer sees. We see her feel her thighs and marvel at how toned they are and smack her stomach and talk about her rock hard abs. Cool, but that goes so much beyond the scope of what should be happening. In Shallow Hal, Paltrow is breaking chairs because she is still morbidly obese in real life. Schumer hits her head and now sees herself as beautiful, but somehow when she touches herself it doesn't register correctly. That's a pretty solid theme for the whole movie. The constantly confuse their body-positivity and self-esteem messages. The idea is supposed to be that the confidence Schumer gets from thinking she's hot is what gets her ahead, but they make her too unlikable. In the beginning she whines about how unfair it is that she's fat and ugly, then she thinks she's hot now and becomes an insufferable brat, then she decides that it's okay to be an average person. The whole movie is a giant cliche and honestly you already know beat for beat what happens. Their ham-fisted misfired message takes over the entire movie at the expense of the humor. None of Schumer's lines were funny and the only real laughs were for uncomfortable sequences and not real humor. The only character I found to be actually funny was the love interest, who it should be noted is easily the best actor in the film. Rory Scovel plays the only real character. Schumer doesn't understand her character and she isn't a great actress, so she's a dark spot, but Michelle Williams is pretty awful too. If you were hoping for a comedy, I Feel Pretty has nothing to offer. If all you want is to be told that you are perfect no matter what you look like for almost two hours, go visit you grandma; at least she has cookies. The technical elements aren't bad. but there is some pretty terrible lighting and the sound gets too quite. I Feel Pretty has no real audience. I assume most people are hoping for a movie like Trainwreck, not movie that is a train wreck.