Reviewed by: Greg Mueller

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The Harley Quinn Movie (and the destruction of DC characters for the enjoyment of edgy 12 year-olds) is worse than I expected and I had really low expectations. The script is awful with so many unnatural dialog sequences, plot lines just disappearing, and terrible pacing and story structure. To be fair, I'm no comic expert, but unlike most people, I've actually read quite a few DC comics. Everyone in this movie is entirely untrue to their real character. Harley Quinn was okay in Suicide Squad, but that's probably because she wasn't 90% of the story; here she gets incredibly annoying unbelievably fast. This movie was written, directed, and produced by adults, so why is the humor so juvenile? "Oh, she loves her sandwich and talks to a taxidermy animal!" "Haha! She kicked that man in the balls! 10/10!". The worst part is the story structure. For a movie called Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), the movie is 90% Harley doing a terrible job narrating the story out of order, constantly flashing back to scenes that don't matter and sequences that only serve to waste time (like a dream sequence musical number). Maybe 15 minutes is Birds of Prey, but it's pushing it to call their versions of Black Canary, Huntress, and a random cop the Birds of Prey. Every action sequence and fight seems to happen in a vacuum. Harley starts blasting people and throwing guys through windows in the police station, but no one hears. There will be a huge fight in a building, but as soon as we leave the building, there are no repercussions from the fight and it is never referenced again. Some of the acting is fine and I kind of liked Huntress, but the biggest story line in the movie is basically carbon copied from Deadpool 2, to the point where as soon as the actual plot of the movie begins (and it takes almost half of the movie to do) you can guess the rest of it. Birds of Prey, isn't the worst super hero movie since Captain Marvel, Ant-Man (and Ant-Man and the Wasp), Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Thor: A Dark World exist, but it's pretty bad. I think I'd rather watch Suicide Squad again. They don't do anything well (especially the most important parts), but I spent more time bored than mad, so I guess that's something.