Reviewed by: Greg Mueller

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What the heck are they doing here? The first thing they do is toss away everything but Ripley and then continue to strip away the rest of what makes an Alien movie and Alien movie. I criticized Aliens for stripping away everything that I loved about Alien, but Alien 3 seems to want to distance itself from the Alien series almost as much as Fincher wants to distance himself from this piece of crap movie. Acting is awful. Story has moments that are darker than the previous two, but is too hokey with too many scenes where everyone abandons all logic just so the movie can keep going. Each movie, the story gets sloppier and crappier. Each movie, I like Ripley less and care about less of the supporting cast. With Alien 3, I couldn't give any less of a fuck about anyone here. The worst part of this film, by miles and miles, is the CGI. The Xenomorph does not feel like it did in either of the predecessors. It moves different and it seems to be really dumb, but I could deal with those. What I can not forgive is how often they just don't even bother finishing the Xenomorph model. Any exterior shots or space shots look like garbage. They molten metal looks like a stock fire explosion effect. But, even worse than those are the tons of scenes were the Xenomorph looks like when the make a preliminary animated storyboard with the Xenomorph just being a green blob that they vaguely shape to be the generic form of a Xenomorph and then they would come back later to refine it and add texture and color to it to make it into a real Xenomorph, but these fuckers just said "Ship it. We're done." Instead of using the Xenomorph costume they used before it's always CGI or terrible, jerky puppets. in Alien 3. Sometimes it looks pretty good, but often it looks like trash, and many times it's just the green blob. Why does this look so much worse than the two older movies? I've read that there was tons of studio interference making this film, but I have no idea how a single person could have watched this and said it was good enough to send to theaters. As I work through the Alien series, each movie is exponentially worse. I loved Alien. I didn't like Aliens. Alien 3 pissed me off. Alien 3 is what the SyFY Channel would make. I don't want Sharknado. I want Alien and this is not it. I don't think most of the crew here had really seen the previous two Alien films. There are too many things that don't make sense, because no one cared enough to pay attention. All of a sudden, Ripley is a lieutenant. Since when? That never happened. How did a Xenomorph egg get into the escape pod? The Queen never got into the pod, so how could an egg get inside? I've heard Alien Resurrection is the worst of the Alien Quadrilogy. If it's really worse than this, I'm afraid.