We exist so movie consumers and producers understand everything about a movie or TV show’s score, instantly and spoiler free.
It’s instant because we display a data dense graphic. It’s spoiler free since you won’t have to filter through a single movie review.

Arthur P.


Mark K.


Why Fadviews and why now?

The movie rating system is over 20 years old, outdated, unchallenged, with undefined or unclear ratings. Several articles also show that the top movie rating sites are biased against women and minorities, both of which are the most underrepresented group of movie reviewers. Finally, the exciting streaming age of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the much awaited Disney Plus & NBCUniversal warrants a change on how ratings are validated by sophisticated consumers of today. We're the first to provide meaningful scores that's spoiler free, transparent, fair, and ratings are just the beginning. Join us in our quest to change the movie rating system forever, and together, a new day will dawn for we shall both rule the.... ahem, Thank you.

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