About Us


Arthur has been in the technology business for 18 years and has worked at several industries including a well known gas company, a hospital, tech startups and more. When not at his full time job or working on this site, Arthur enjoys several activities with his family such as biking and hiking but he loves snowboarding the most. Arthur's love of computers began with his first home computer, the Apple II. He also loves movies which stemmed much earlier and was permanently etched after watching Superman II in the theater. He's even had his taste in Hollywood as a paid extra in a movie where an Academy Award winning actor scolded him off-camera but gave him great advice in the process. This site is the result of putting two things he's loved for many years (movies & computers), together. He hopes this site will "..bring people and movies even closer together."

I am working on getting email fixed. Then, the blog. After that, a post on "Curse of the Golden Flower". In the future, I hope to own a franchise of "Moo Anderson's". If you have suggestions, write them on a post-it note until we get email working.

Birth of Fadviews

When selecting a movie or show to watch at home with the family, we found ourselves looking at the given 5 star ratings in front of you, or going online for a second or third opinion. The problem is, we can’t really see the difference between a score of 7.7 and a 7.8, or a 97% versus a 98% rating. It’s also not clear why a promising movie would score so low, like a 56% or a 5.4 rating. You’d have to read several reviews before getting any kind of idea behind it. The process can become very time consuming eating up all your movie time. So I thought, there has to be a better way and I hope this is it. I also thought that actors should be noted for great performances that went under the radar on lesser known movies. Over here, you can rate them too. Now if we can only just get 10 or more dedicated movie, show and actor loving reviewers to use this site :)