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One number just doesn't work without some kind of metric and reasoning behind it.
Choose and rate a show based on the 8 categories of what really makes or breaks a movie.
(aka The 8mm of Film, by Fadviews.).

Big Top Raider Drive

Total Score
Plot/Story 9.95
Characters 3.50
Acting 5.87
Cinematography 4.99
Production Design 10.00
Soundtrack 7.78
Execution 6.49
Emotional Impact 8.11

Rate actors in a more balanced approach using our categories ( a.k.a The Take 5 of Acting.)
An actor's overall score is based on each character they've played.

Tom Jolatts

Total Score
Acting 7.89
Performance 9.85
Voice 4.99
Screen Presence 7.88
Characterization 9.91
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Rating System
Welcome to the Fridge Oven
1 Undesirable
2 Very Poor
3 Poor
4 Below Average
5 Average
6 Above Average
7 Good
8 Very Good
9 Excellent
10 Perfect


There are 8 categories to rate a film, hence "The 8mm of Film".
Each category is rated from 1 to 10 based on our scoring sytem above.

    1. Plot/Story - The plot are main events that make up the story. The story is everything that unfolds and happens in the movie from beginning to end.

    2. Characters - The players in the story. How did you like them and how did they complete the story?

    3. Acting - The actors that played the characters and how well they played them.

    4. Cinematography - How was it filmed? How did the camera take you through the story, location and events that unfolded?

    5. Soundtrack - How did it sound? The sound effects, soundtrack, noise and background music.

    6. Production Design - The visual and special effects, the wardrobe, the sets, props, location. How did everything look?

    7. Execution - The editing process. How well do you think the first 6 categories were put together to complete the film?

    8. Emotional Impact - How did this movie make you feel? Did it make you laugh, cry, angry, sad, fearful, happy?

8 Things


There are 5 categories we've debated over in order to rate every actor in a more blanced way.
We've dubbed it: "The Take 5 of Acting".
Each category is rated from 1 to 10 based on our scoring sytem on top.

    1. Acting - The actor's realism in their delivery. Did they evoke emotion in you?

    2. Performance - Their body's action or physical movements, the enthusiam and effort they present if realism seems absent.

    3. Voice - How did they sound? Was their speech clear? Would you listen to them read from a book?

    4. Screen Presence - How long did you hold your gaze to them compared to the other actors? How appealing were they to you? How mesmerized were you to them?

    5. Characterization - How well did they connect with the character they were portraying? Did they become the character in your eyes?

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