Kurt Fuller

    September 16, 1953
San Francisco, California, USA
Screen Presence

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Kurt Fuller (born September 16, 1953) is an American character actor. He has appeared in a number of television, film, and stage projects. He graduated from Lincoln High School in Stockton, California in 1971, and the University of California, Berkeley, in 1976.

Sound of Freedom John Bryant 2023
Psych 3: This Is Gus Woody Strode 2021
Psych 2: Lassie Come Home Coroner Woody Strode 2020
Deported Mr. Becker 2020
Phil Jerome 2019
Office Uprising Lentworth 2018
Too Macabre: The Making of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Self 2018
Baja Hal Johnson 2018
Josie Gordie 2018
Psych: The Movie Woody Strode 2017
A Light Beneath Their Feet Dr. Rutter 2016
Miracle Mile Supporting Cast Reunion 2015
Accidental Love Reverend Norm 2015
The Wolves of Savin Hill Carl 2014
Wrong Cops Music Producer 2013
The Frozen Ground D.A. Pat Clives 2013
The Silent Thief Howard Henderson 2012
Love and Germophobia Dr. Robinson 2012
Midnight in Paris John 2011
Group Sex Bloom 2010
BoyBand Earl Roberts 2010
The Prankster Dean Pecarino 2010
Van Wilder: Freshman Year Dean Charles Reardon 2009
Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous Cousin Barry 2008
Superhero Movie Bank Loan Officer 2008
Mr. Woodcock Councilman Luke 2007
The Pursuit of Happyness Walter Ribbon 2006
I'm Not Gay DA 2005
The Civilization of Maxwell Bright Berdette 2005
Don't Come Knocking Mr. Daily 2005
Ray Sam Clark 2004
Anger Management Frank Head 2003
Live from Baghdad Inky 2002
Auto Focus Werner Klemperer 2002
Porn 'n Chicken Dean Widehead 2002
The New Guy Mr. Undine 2002
Joshua Father Pat Hayes 2002
Repli-Kate President Chumley 2002
Scary Movie The Sheriff 2000
Angels in the Infield Simon 2000
Diamonds Moses Agensky 1999
Pushing Tin Ed Clabes 1999
The Jack Bull Conrad 1999
Principal Takes a Holiday Principal Frank Hockenberry 1998
Moonbase Deckert 1997
Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder Tom Green 1997
Home Invasion Lt. Marty Gruenwald 1997
The Fan Bernie 1996
Twisted Desire Detective Becker 1996
Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story 1996
French Exit Stubin 1995
Virus Dr. Williams 1995
Stuart Saves His Family Von Arks 1995
See Jane Run Dr. Melloff 1995
Just Looking Chuck 1995
Reflections on a Crime Howard 1994
Harmful Intent Bingham 1993
Calendar Girl Arturo Gallo 1993
Mood Indigo DA Warren Dahlberg 1993
The Heart of Justice Dr. Leonard 1992
Original Intent Alex Grabowsky 1992
Stormy Weathers Detective Horshak 1992
Wayne's World Russell Finley 1992
Marilyn and Me Harry Lipton 1991
Bingo Lennie 1991
Eve of Destruction Bill Schneider 1991
The Bonfire of the Vanities Pollard Browning 1990
Ghostbusters II Jack Hardemeyer 1989
No Holds Barred Brell 1989
Under the Boardwalk Tortoise 1989
True Believer George Ballistics 1989
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Mr. Glotter 1988
Red Heat Detective 1988
Miracle Mile Gerstead 1988
The Running Man Tony 1987
Carnivàle Bud Everhard <mt>
Glee Mr. McClung <mt>
The 4400 Keane Driscoll <mt>
Ally McBeal <blank> <mt>
Providence Michael <mt>
Capital News <blank> <mt>
Charmed John Norman <mt>
Alias Robert Lindsey <mt>
House Mark Adams <mt>
Desperate Housewives Detective Barton <mt>
My Name Is Earl Mr. Baldwin <mt>
Jake and the Fatman <blank> <mt>
Chicago Hope <blank> <mt>
Timecop Dr. Dale Easter <mt>
Sons of Tucson Principal <mt>
Boston Public Ken Thomas <mt>
Big Day Scuba Steve <mt>
Ellen Dr. Collins <mt>
Shark <blank> <mt>
Murder, She Wrote Sheriff Milo Pike <mt>
Drop Dead Diva Henry Bingum <mt>
Sledge Hammer! <blank> <mt>
That's My Bush! Karl Rove <mt>
L.A. Law Clifford Gild <mt>
Eli Stone <blank> <mt>
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Sheriff Ned Bastille <mt>
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Ted Atkins <mt>
The Guardian <blank> <mt>
227 <blank> <mt>
Malcolm in the Middle Mr. Young <mt>
Judging Amy Leonard Zook <mt>
Knight Rider Cameraman <mt>
In Justice <blank> <mt>
Newhart <blank> <mt>
The Practice <blank> <mt>
Dharma & Greg David Saunders <mt>
NewsRadio Ed Harlow <mt>
Quantum Leap Burt 'The Turtle' Rosencranz <mt>
Cagney & Lacey <blank> <mt>
Oliver Beene <blank> <mt>
Boston Legal Reverend Donald Diddum <mt>
Ugly Betty Mr. Tanen <mt>
The Handler <blank> <mt>
Hooperman Eliot, the Nephew <mt>
Family Law <blank> <mt>
Shannon's Deal <blank> <mt>
Beverly Hills Buntz Harry Green <mt>
Laurie Hill Dr. Spencer Kramer <mt>
Brooklyn South <blank> <mt>
Legally Mad Lou Peable <mt>
Us & Them Michael <mt>
Manhattan Love Story William <mt>
Men of a Certain Age <blank> <mt>
Rosewood Floyd Butters <mt>
Supernatural Zachariah <mt>
Bull Judge Robert Genda <mt>
The Good Fight Judge Peter Dunaway <mt>
Pandora's Clock Chet Walters <mt>
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Jed Karey <mt>
The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair Gareth Pratt <mt>
Evil Dr. Kurt Boggs <mt>
Bones Sid Lauren <mt>
Psych Woody Strode <mt>
American Dad! Inspector (voice) <mt>
Hot in Cleveland Gerald <mt>
Better With You Joel Putney <mt>
Heathers Principal Gowan <mt>
Unscripted Self <mt>
Ally McBeal Bernard Marsh <mt>
Diagnosis: Murder Walter Litvak <mt>
Diagnosis: Murder Dr. Albert Blank <mt>
Hell's Kitchen Self (uncredited) <mt>
The West Wing SitRoom Civilian Advisor <mt>
Providence Thrifty Ticket Agent <mt>
Bill Burr Presents Immoral Compass Father Martin <mt>
Grey's Anatomy Jerry <mt>
Would I Lie to You? Himself <mt>
Parenthood Dr. Bedsloe <mt>
Scandal Grayden Osborne <mt>
Franklin & Bash Eckhart Smits <mt>
The Batman Superior (voice) <mt>
L.A. Law Stan Nussbaum <mt>
L.A. Law Ed Freeling <mt>
The Beach Boys: An American Family Mike Love's Dad <mt>
Night Court <blank> <mt>
Felicity Paul Korsikoff <mt>
The Good Wife Judge Peter Dunaway <mt>
Monk Dennis Gammill <mt>
Avatar: The Last Airbender Quon / Additional Voices (voice) <mt>
Suddenly Susan Bill Keane <mt>
black-ish Police Officer <mt>
Shooter Mr. Gold <mt>
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