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The Movie Database (TMDb) is where we get all our movie, show and actor info. Support the community and contribute!
Sure. To understand more about the categories, go here: The 8mm of Film then go here: The Take 5 of Acting. To learn about our numbered rating system go here:
Our rating system
Currently, we only allow embedded videos so you will need to have a video that is in your YouTube, Vimeo or other account that allows it. If you want to learn more about embedding, click here.

You can help us by doing any of the following

  • review actor's performances, review movies & show
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The rating score itself cannot be changed at this time but you can edit your comments to fix typos or add a bit more by going to your Profile to find your review and click on the Full Review Page of the one you'd like to edit. From the sole page of your review find and click on the Edit icon oat the bottom right corner under your review comment.
To send a flower to an actor, search for them and navigate to their space. You should see buttons to send a flower, bouquet or gifts. You must be logged in to send them anything. To learn more about how to earn and send gifts click to our Virtual Gifts.