Reviewed by: Greg Mueller

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Night of the Lepus is not nearly as bad as its original reviews suggest. The acting isn't notably bad; the two child actors are pretty bad, but I didn't notice anyone else being terrible, not good, but not terrible. Visually, my Blu Ray made the film look pretty good for a 70's movie. When it came out, critics complained that the plot of the movie was too ridiculous, but I've seen many movies about killer dolls, cars, alien clowns, and a movie where Tim Robbins plays a heart throb, so mutated killer rabbits isn't a stretch. What it comes down to are two big issues. Firstly, it's pretty boring. The pacing is terrible and we have far too much wasted time. We have entirely too many characters t hat aren't needed and are sucking up time that would be better spent on the main plot. The biggest issue, for me, was that because they used real bunnies against miniature sets, they clearly had an issue with how to have the rabbits and human characters interact. What we end up with is a lot of implied action and then we cut to a character with some red goop on their face and shirt. We never see a character with a bite mark, a cut, or a dismemberment unless they are first seen like that. There are zero kill scenes and almost no real action. I'm not even sure what the rabbits' goal is, as they don't eat anyone and they exclusively kill people off screen and we just see their perfectly intact corpse with some fake blood smeared about. There is one body they find with an arm or something dismembered, but the body is arranged so nicely with the severed arm lined up perfectly under where it once connected, that there is no way an animal could have done it. Plus, people jump on board the giant killer rabbit train way too easily. After the first fifteen or so minutes, anyone who is told "giant killer rabbits" just accepts it as fact and prepares for instructions. Why isn't anyone just laughing in their faces? "Killer rabbits? Giant tractor-trailer sized bunnies? That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard! What are you on?" Add in a very bad ending that makes no sense and isn't deserved and we have a perfect storm of bad. Night of the Lepus just takes itself far too seriously. I think that ends up being the root of all of the issues here. This should be more like Killer Klowns from Outer Space or something where they embrace how ludicrous the whole thing is and have some fun. Night of the Lepus is not fun and that is really the only thing that could have saved it. I will say that the miniature models they made look pretty great and actually fooled me a couple of times. but as soon as a giant bunny has to attack a real human, they lost me again.