Reviewed by: Greg Mueller

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I was all ready for Neon Las Vegas Heist Zombie Movie, some of my favorite things. Army of the Dead doesn't really deliver on any of theses things. The color palette is generic gritty zombie movie (minus the like two short scenes that take place on the casino floor. The heist is very under-developed and lacks all of the important heist movie. The zombies are incredibly inconsistent, with their movement, strength, abilities, goals, etc. The fact that this is Las Vegas is barely relevant and it could easily have taken place at any casino anywhere. The plot has potential, but the potential is all related to it being a Neon Las Vegas Heist Zombie Movie. It's just a dull movie that drags along occasionally hitting plot points, but mostly just meandering along. They introduce a weird zombie culture that they don't really use and what we do get is kind of stupid. Apparently, there is a zombie hierarchy and there are "Alpha" zombies that are (allegedly) intelligent, but there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to who becomes an "Alpha"; why is a random show girl a zombie? This isn't a person who was any kind of special, so why did is she not just another brain dead zombie? We have a few zombie animals that act exactly the same as regular animals. Zombie horse is just a regular horse with some CGI added. There is a countdown element that doesn't math out, which is ridiculous because they are the ones telling us how much time is left. The acting is mostly bad. Matthias Schweighöfer, Garret Dillahunt , and Omari Hardwick are great, but the rest are terrible. Dave Bautista is a phenomenal actor in the right role, but this was not one of those. I'm just not buying it any time he has to have an emotion. Guardians of the Galaxy? Perfect as Drax. Blade Runner 2049? A small role, but an impressive outing. Leading man with stereotypical estranged daughter plot? Just doesn't work. I do have to credit Tig Notaro for doing her best. She's a great comedian, but not an amazing actor and having her do her scenes out of context with green screens and CGI is a very rough job. I couldn't have expected any more from her given the scenario, but it's just bad. It definitely feels like her scenes don't belong and that she really needed someone to work off of. Still, as bad as all this is, the effects are easily the worst part. There is a zombie animal that we are introduced to pretty early that looks great (it's in the trailer, so I don't really think it's a spoiler, but I won't ruin it for you if you haven't) and the insertion of Tig Notaro looked seamless to me, but every single time there is blood, gore, or an explosion is maddeningly bad considering that this is a $90 Million movie. I've seen YouTubers do better CGI is stupid little skits; these guys have actual money and (I assume) professional effect artists and it looks like crap. Two and a half hours of poorly paced, poorly written cliche. All I needed was for it to deliver on one part of the Neon Las Vegas Heist Zombie Movie. Hotel Artemis wasn't great, but that neon color palette was beautiful, so I was hooked. Ocean's 8 had none of the charm or X-factor of Ocean's Twelve, but the heist was enticing, so I kept watching. Army of the Dead is just kind of boring; I hated most of the characters (especially the daughter) and the plot just wasn't interesting. To each their own, but I don't think Army of the Dead does anything positive for the zombie genre and I wouldn't even qualify it as a heist film.