Flower 1000
Bouquet 10100
Teddybear 1001010
Gem 1000100101

Earning Gifts

Every review of a movie, actor/character or show will be awarded with one (1) flower.
Logging in every week will award you with one (1) flower.
Missed logins will not accumulate. This means logging in once a month will garner only one (1) flower. You need to log in at least once a week (every 7 days) to earn 4 flowers for the month

Sending Gifts

You can send any gift you can afford with your earned flowers to any actor or actress of your choice. Just click on the Send Gift button on their page.
No consecutive gift giving of the same type to the same actor. There is a 1 day waiting period.
Ten (10) flowers will allow you to send one (1) bouquet gift .
One hundred (100) saved flowers will allow you to send one (1) teddybear gift or 10 bouquets.
One thousand(1,000) saved flowers will allow you send one (1) prized gem or 10 teddybears or 100 bouquets.

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