Wagner Moura

    June 27, 1976
Rodelas, Bahia, Brazil
Screen Presence

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Wagner Maniçoba de Moura is a Brazilian actor, director and musician. Critically considered one of the protagonists of current Brazilian cinema. He is internationally recognized for the role of Pablo Escobar in the TV series Narcos and Nationally known for the role of Captain Nascimento in the TV movie Tropa de Elite and Tropa de Elite 2: The Enemy Now is Another. He started doing theater in Salvador, where he worked with renowned directors, such as Fernando Guerreiro and Celso Júnior, and soon had some participation in films. In 2003, he starred in Deus é Brasileiro and O Caminho das Nuvens, besides having a prominent role in Carandiru, which propelled him to the main scene of Brazilian cinema. He continued starring in national feature films, including the blockbusters Tropa de Elite and Tropa de Elite 2, with the famous character Captain / Colonel Nascimento. In 2007, he was the antagonist of the soap opera Paraíso Tropical, being praised for his performance by both the public and critics.

Angicos Paulo Freire 2024
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Exodus: Where I Come from Is Disappearing narrador 2016
Luz, Câmera, 50 Anos: Carga Pesada: A Grande Viagem - O Filme Pedrinho 2015
Trash José Angelo 2014
Rio, I Love You Gui (segment "Inútil Paisagem") 2014
Futuro Beach Donato 2014
Bald Mountain Lindo Rico 2013
Elysium Spider 2013
Father’s Chair Theo Gadelha 2012
The Man from the Future Zero 2011
VIPs Marcelo 2011
VIPs: Histórias Reais de um Mentiroso Self 2010
Elite Squad: The Enemy Within Tenente-Coronel Nascimento 2010
Romance Pedro 2008
Blackout 2008
Elite Squad Capitão Nascimento 2007
Ópera do Mallandro 2007
Basic Sanitation, the Movie Joaquim 2007
Ó Paí, Ó: Look at This Boca 2007
The Machine Apresentador da TV 2006
Desejo Atanásio 2005
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Nina Cego 2004
Miguel's Destiny Jupará 2004
The Middle of the World Romão 2003
The Man of the Year Suel 2003
Carandiru Zico 2003
God Is Brazilian Taoca 2003
The Three Marias Jesuíno Cruz 2002
Behind the Sun Matheus 2001
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Rádio Gogó 1998
Borboletas 1995
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